Providing the latest Virtual and Constructive simulation technology, together with experienced and knowledgeable Subject Matter Experts (SME), ALDSU can assist in maintaining operational readiness within the Defence and Emergency Services Management sectors.  Priding ourselves in delivering quality integrated solutions on schedule, encompassing the entire project life cycle, from inception to closure and beyond, ALDSU Services include:

  • Delivery of Virtual & Constructive Simulations, Simulation Integration & Development & Simulation Training:
  • Virtual Exercise Training, Management & Support (HICON, LOCON, War Gaming & ISR/Analytical Mentorship);
  • OPFOR/Adversary Exercise Controllers and Mentorship;
  • Simulation Terrain Database Generation & Management;
  • Simulation Terrain Development (on-site) Training using Terra Tools;
  • Exercise Scenario, Design, Incident Generation & MEL/MIL Scripting.

Military Simulation Terrain Database Generation. Through collaboration with Terranis Systems, a leader in the distribution and support of virtual training simulation software from Calytrix, Titan, TerraSim and SASimulations, ALDSU is able to offer geographic digital terrain training & correlated terrain-database development, embedded with geographic data models derivative from satellite data from DigitalGlobe. Specialized terrain database-development can be provided through implementing TerraTools from TerraSim for database creation and source data from Terranis Systems partner DigitalGlobe, with a focus on serious gaming exports (VBS, SBpro, VISION, OF, X-Plane). On site Terrain Development Training using Terra Tools is available on request.

Combining creative training opportunities with world-leading simulations, ALDSU offers realistic, flexible and cost effective training opportunities to learn and develop.

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