Simulation Terrain Database Generation

Simulation Terrain Database Generation

Digital Terrain Development

Specialised terrain database-development can be provided through implementing TerraTools from TerraSim for database creation and source data from Terranis Systems partner, DigitalGlobe.  The focus is on serious gaming exports (VBS, JCATS, SB pro, Open Flight, X-Plane).  Additional necessary source data classification is provided by several subcontractors to Terranis Systems.  By re-using existing workflows and Templates in TerraTools, Terranis Systems can offer very quick development times for high fidelity correlated databases.

Typical Customer cases

  • Demand for a complex very hilly, urban infrastructure, approx 95 000 Buildings, vegetation and complex road network, 65x55km Correlated terrain database for VBS (Multi-Map), SBPro, OpenFlight was delivered to the end-user within 2 weeks from order confirmation; 
  • Demand for a correlated database 20x20km in an contested area comprising of Vegetation, Low-Walls, high-Walls, Buildings with interiors and without interiors, streams, large rivers, HESCO-barriers, 12 surface materials, FOB and street-signs database for VBS , SB Pro, OpenFlight was delivered to the end-user within 2 weeks from order confirmation.


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