OPFOR & Adversary Exercise Controller & Advisors

OPFOR & Adversary Exercise Controller & Advisors

OPFOR Controllers & Advisors

Using eSim Games SB Pro, ALDSU can design and generate an OPFOR or Adversary capability that will enable you to Plan, Execute & Refine up to Battle Group operations. ALDSU expertise in Adversary & OPFOR doctrine & TTPs ensures that each battle scenario meets your Training or Exercise Objectives.  Whether your requirement is for an AI OPFOR/Adversary, or a mixture of an AI & human controllers, or, under human control completely, ALDSU will provide the right Battle Plan.

Reducing your organisational internal resource requirements and delivering insight and realistic tactical challenge to commanders and crews, ALDSU delivers Combined Arms Training solutions that minimise EXCON personnel without sacrificing the realism of tactical planning and procedures or the corresponding results.


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