Titan Vanguard Common Synthetic Environment (CSE) - Global Terrain

Titan Vanguard Common Synthetic Environment (CSE) - Global Terrain

Completely Open & Accessible One-World Simulation

How open is that?  Titan CSE is an open platform, with open standards, open architecture and an open-minded team.  One-World is accessible in Real-Time, all to 15cm accuracy wit ha real-time terrain editor, a scenario constructor with CGF and AI that are all point and click elegant simplicity.  The global terrain has no limits out of the box, the draw distance is to the horizon with curved earth accuracy.  The visual range is also unlimited even at the very highest settings; supporting the most demanding visual environments, such as JTAC full certification.  With web integration and a user interface built on Google Chromium you can display media, web-pages and integrate web apps directly into Titan CSE.  You can have real-time social feeds and maps from Google, OSM, Twitter et al.

You are in control from the first engagement to scenario debriefing with full 3D playback and radio.  With a real cloud-based technical solution, Titan CSE delivers your simulation to the point of need on every occasion.

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