High Resolution Terrain Data - It Makes a Difference?

High Resolution Terrain Data - It Makes a Difference?

In Combat, understanding and using the terrain is a key component of a successful engagement. The majority of commercial simulations generally use standard DTED 2 (30m) to build terrain.

ALDSU through collaboration with Terranis Systems Limited is able to offer integrated high-resolution open source data sets (0.5-2m) into Steel Beast Professional (SB Pro), providing a realistic simulation of the terrain over which you can train or fight.

This capability opens up simulation to be used for operational analysis in addition to individual and unit Tactics, Techniques & Procedural (TTPs) training.  

The images in the Gallery depict the difference in the simulation using DTED 2, 30m resolution and LIDAR 2m resolution and the corresponding effects on the T-72 aiming points on the Leopard 2.  The video illustrates how using the simulated realistic terrain helps you train as you would fight.  

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