eSim Games Enable CBRN Hazard simulation into Steel Beasts Pro

eSim Games Enable CBRN Hazard simulation into Steel Beasts Pro

eSim Games have now incorporated the ability to simulate a CBRN hazard within Steel Beasts Pro, adding to the reality of the tactical operating environment. By incorporating partner Argon Electronic‘s PlumeSIM into a classroom environment, footprints of contaminant concentrations can be injected into a Steel Beasts tactical combat scenario as another tactical factor of consideration.  Argon took advantage of the options that the SBClient API offers to third party developers. Steel Beasts provides meteorological data as an important variable for PlumeSIM. The operator controller may then plant a contamination hazard in PlumeSIM, which calculates the resulting concentrations of harmful substances as graphical map footprints. The footprints are then fed back into Steel Beasts:

CBRN Hazard Plume in SB Pro

This demonstrator opens the door to further capability improvements, such as virtual hazard detectors signaling the threat in the virtual world, or NBC reconnaissance units training to reconnoiter the hazard area while still having to deal with conventional threats in the vicinity.  It will allow to track current and cumulative exposure to players and software agents within the virtual world, with suitable damages applied.

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