Digital Joint Fires Trainer & JTAC Flat Screen Trainer

Digital Joint Fires Trainer & JTAC Flat Screen Trainer

Titan Vanguard CSE (Titan CSE), developed by Calytrix and Titan IM, was selected to provide the Digital Joint Fires Trainer (DJFTT) for the Australian Army.  The DJFTT is employed by the School of Artillery for training of the current in-service Digital Fires system. The dome is also used by various Joint Fires Observers (JFO) and Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs). The system has passed full accreditation tests under the JFSESC MOA.


In addition, Calytrix also won the contract to provide a JTAC Flat ScreenTrainer to the Australian Army, where currently it is employed at three locations for the basic JTAC course, the JTAC recurrency training and the SOF JTAC support.


Titan & Calytrix have also provided the Australian Air Force with a deployable JTAC trainer.  The trainer is employed by RAAF 4SQN as part of the basic JTAC course, for JTAC recurrency training and SOF JTAC support.

JTAC Trainer 4 Sqn

More recently Titan & Calytrix have also been successful in supplying Jordan with a JTAC trainer.  The team that develop Titan CSE worked closely with JTAC Subject Matter Experts to create a module that satisfies the entire JFS ESC MOA and NATO accreditation checklist for Type 1,2,3,VDL, RW and night controls (with no restrictive caveats).  This includes:

  • Close Air Support, including;
    • Fixed Wing;
    • Rotary Wing;
    • UAV/UAS;
    • AC-130 (overhead off-axis gunnery);
  • Call for fire, including;
    • Artillery;
    • Mortar;
    • Naval Gunfire Support;
  • Laser delivery;
  • NVD and unaided night missions;
  • Full AI control of aircraft and artillery, with ability to take manual control if desired;
  • VDL and sensor pods, with optional manual control;
  • High fidelity BDA.
JTAC Training Dome Jordan




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