Whole of World

Titan CSE provides a unifying platform for existing simulation capabilities to interoperate in Air, Land, Sea and Space with Global Interoperability. This expands simulation beyond the traditional “Part Task Trainers” to cover everything from modelling and Pre-Production Prototypes through to Experimentation, Test and Evaluation, with a wide gamut of training capability in-between.

Whole of World Terrain

  • Global terrain, road and river networks
  • Operate anywhere in the world, instantly
  • 30m NASA Elevation (STRM) & 15cm terrain grid on ground – high fidelity

Cross Domain

  • Land, Sea, Air and Space – one environment
  • End User and Developer – all audiences
  • Desktop and Simulator – classroom or cockpit
  • Goal: A unified toolkit for all simulation

Open Platform

  • Built on public data (NASA, Open Street Map)
  • Unencrypted content and configuration
  • Stream Web data (HTML, Social Media, YouTube)
  • Rapid Terrain import pipelines

Instructor Ready

  • Point & Click Tools
  • Reduce skills requirements, timeline & costs
  • Develop at the “point of training”
  • Build in minutes, not months

Vanguard’s primary objective is to provide a Holistic Simulation Environment that allows for realistic training of Tactics, Techniques and Procedures at any scale and any point in the world across both military and civilian/emergency response applications. Titan CSE will collapse virtual, constructive and serious gaming capabilities into a single open environment — allowing “First Person Shooter” capabilities to truly exist in the same environment as high-end flight simulation and global Command & Control systems.

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