Titan Vanguard / Steel Beasts Integration Pack

Titan Vanguard / Steel Beasts Integration Pack

Titan Vanguard CSE Integration Pack with Steel Beasts

Titan Vanguard CSE / Steel Beasts Integration Pack

Steel Beasts Professional from eSim Games is the leading provider of advanced land combat vehicle training, delivering highly accurate crew procedure training and complex scenario development. Titan Vanguard CSE (Titan CSE) from Calytrix Technologies & TitanIM delivers a global simulation capability across the land, sea and air domains.

To better support shared customers, eSim Games and Calytrix have teamed up to simplify deeper interoperability between our virtual 3D systems. Building on the strengths of both systems, Titan CSE adds advanced infantry capabilities for Combined Arms, naval and air artillery support (and JTAC), UAV and other large terrain capabilities to the Steel Beasts training platform. To facilitate this interoperability, Calytrix Technologies can provide:

  • ENTITY MAPPING FILES:  Pre-defined DIS/HLA entity mapping files for the shared LVC Game interoperability gateway;
  • COMMS NETWORKS:  Pre-defined example radio configuration files for CNR-Sim noting that all radio traffic between Vanguard and Steel Beasts over CNR will be captured in the Vanguard AA area.
  • CORRELATED TERRAIN:  A library of correlated terrain areas is provided to support users connecting the two systems.
  • 3D MODEL PACKS:  To further support interoperability, a number of popular Steel Beasts 3D models have been ported to Titan CSE

This data is available freely for download by all customers of Titan CSE.

Steel Beasts Pro

How Does it Work?

VC Game / Entity Mapping Files.  LVC Game provides the DIS/HLA gateway or glue that allows Steel Beasts and Titan CSE  to communicate and work together. In order to facilitate this interoperability you need a mapping file to translate the entities used in one system to those used in the other.  The integration pack provides all of the mapping files you need to quickly connect Steel Beasts and Titan CSE.

Entities / 3D Model Packs

In order to increase visual correlation between Titan CSE and Steel Beasts, the integration pack contains a number of the 3D models routinely used in Steel Beasts converted for use in Titan CSE.

Titan Vanguard CSE

Battle Arena / Correlated Terrain Packs

In order to connect two or more simulations, it is important to have correlated terrain; that is, terrain that shares common contours, roads, tree, and building placements. Correlated terrain ensures that any entities in the game appear to be in the same position across the different systems and ensures a fair fight. Correlated terrain is often the most complex and costly component of integrating two systems.  The integration pack makes the following training areas available to all our users:

Titan Vanguard / In Game Graphics


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